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So fucking true en We Heart It.

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Meet Yourself in The Mirror


Tell me what you love.
If I look you in your eyes and ask you to tell me what you love, the answers will likely roll off of your tongue. You love pizza and crafting and roller coasters and poetry. You love to read, you love to write, you love music, birds, tattoos, obscure documentaries, and the…

According to my mom, im a lazy fucking ass whole because i wanted to do my homework. She thinks i wont amount to nothing. I go to school. I work. I run several clubs at school. Im in the school show. But im still lazy.
She sits at home. Dosent work. And bitches all day. She is the fucken lazy one. Not me.

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Tony winner Neil Patrick Harris ties the knot with David Burtka in Italy


Watching: Harry Potter
Reading: Harry Potter ALWAYS
Listening to: Music
Working on: Poetry

I am single. 17. Looking for love. Alone.